Your assistants

Your personal assistant works from the assistant bar at the top edge of your desktop screen in the same way as the applications bar at the bottom edge of the screen.

To the left of the assistant bar are your quickies, and on the right is your assistant, who is looking forward to giving it's full support to you.

If you prefer a young man with charm, a sense of humour and a six-pack to an attractive blonde gracefully looking after you, your wish is our command with James – always at your service.

Can you please tell me

One of the core competencies of your personal assistant is to answer all the questions that you frequently ask yourself during your daily work quick and comprehensive:

When you click on an entry in the Quickie popup, your assistant opens the corresponding page of the underlying website/web application in your web browser.


Your assistant presents the information of a quickie in the quickie popup on one or more quicklets (pages). This way she can show you different information from the connected web application:

  • Website Analysis
  • Personal Calendar
    • All events, private appointments, etc.
  • Project Management
    • My to-dos, project A, project B etc.
  • Bug Tracker
    • My bugs, urgent bugs, bugs in progress, etc.

Seems to be important - do you?

A further core competence of your assistant is to keep an eye on all information from your web applications and to inform you about certain events. It prevents you from overlooking important and urgent things in the mass of notification emails sent by your web applications.

The quickies have a status display beneath the quickie icon which may be red, amber or green:

  • Red: something urgent requires your attention
  • Amber: you need to look at something important
  • Green: there is something new

Don't worry - I'am here for you

Do you remember your first teddy bear? How he protected you in the dark at night? Maybe you still cuddle him, he's sitting in your former children's room on the shelf or now lives in the attic.

Your personal assistant is something like your teddy for the office:

  • There for you day and night
  • Always in a good mood and cheerful
  • Only the best of you
  • Never a bad word
  • Educated in the sense of humanism

But be aware: Don't scold him or her too much if there are problems in the cooperation; otherwise one day they will say: "Boss, we have to talk!"

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Can I ask you a favor?

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