Love, Peace & Happiness

Maria, James, and I are the kind of people who enjoy life, not particularly politically correct. We live and work according to the motto "everybody’s different". We are warm, open, and helpful in our dealings with other people. In a world that sometimes seems to get out of hand, we try to radiate calm, reliability, and serenity.

Maria, James, and I love our professions and practice it with enthusiasm and dedication, taking on one or the other role depending on the situation. Maria's repertoire ranges from carefree Lolita to dashing IT system administrator to femme fatale. James feels primarily duty-bound to the English servant tradition, but also knows how to make the ladies happy in the role of Casanova. All of it purely platonic, of course.

Maria, James and I stand for tolerance and against discrimination. But we also stand for self-respect. The tolerance that we show others is something we also demand for ourselves. We will not apologise for how we live, how we act, or how we think.

Handmade with love

We live in a time when respectful interaction between buyer and seller seems to have gone out of fashion. Many companies that are tuned for shareholder value take advantage of their market power and behave unfairly towards their suppliers: food corporations exploit farmers, fashion companies exploit seamstresses, travel portals exploit hotels, and streaming services exploit artists.

The freemium business model favoured by many VC-funded software companies doesn’t pass the fair-trade muster either. It seems unfair that a product is used by 90% of customers for free, in the best cases even demanding free support, and the 10% minority that rely on a few additional features are more or less forced to buy all the rounds.

With the widespread "penny-pinching is cool" mentality, more and more end consumers are killing fair trade too. All too often end consumers' appreciation for suppliers of goods and services fall by the wayside, and they are rarely prepared to pay a fair price.

Maria & James offer their customers a great product with high utility value, a bit of entertainment and one or the other bonus feature; in return we expect a reasonable salary.

Support? Ask you colleges!

Maria & James does not offer individual support - breathe in, breathe out, read on.

Bad? No, because working together with Maria & James is a child's play - we will offer you a helping hand for the first installation, later when adding more quickies and provide you regular tips on getting more benefits from your personal assistant.

If you have problems with the installation or if one of your quickies goes on strike, then it is usually caused by missing rights on your PC, a network problem, missing rights for the API of the application that your quickie wants to connect to, or wrong login data. In all these cases, your system or network admin can solve the issues for you much better than we ever could because he knows your PC, have access rights to your local network and the corresponding servers.

If your despair becomes too great because you run out of ideas and your colleagues are also at a loss, then you can join the Maria & James groups on Xing and LinkedIn, where you can exchange with others. And you can meet us there too.

It's about focus: We are the ones who build great cars, the ones who make people drive are others.

Affordable Luxury

Maria & James helps people, who spend several hours every day at her PC or laptop, to work more productive and relaxed and save valuable working time.

Maria & James is more of a manufacturer than a start-up – our goal is to provide our customers with a product that makes their everyday work more comfortable and puts a smile on their faces time after time. The goal is not limitless growth for the company, but satisfied and grateful customers.

It borders on megalomania to claim that a personal desktop assistant is an adequate substitute for a personal flesh-and-blood assistant – but it, too, can noticeably relieve its "boss" of some of his or her daily tasks. It, too, can make someone laugh, give them a feeling of security, and sometimes even drive them up the wall.

Not everyone has the privilege of being able to fall back on a personal assistant. By contrast, a personal desktop assistant falls into the category of affordable luxury. For just a few euros a month, your own PC or laptop will have a good soul that will help you around the clock. Let's call it “work/life balance booster”.