What’s in it for you?

That depends - are you more interested in your work–life balance or your bank account?

If your work–life balance is more important to you, it’s the fun and joy that your personal desktop assistant brings to your desktop every day, the work that you will find that much easier with her support and the reduced stress level thanks to your assistant keeping a constant eye on your tasks, bugs, issues and tickets for you.

If you are a tough guy, and it’s all about the money, the term ROI may be familiar. If not, you should add it to your vocabulary at once (ROI is short for ‘return on investment’). Up to one hour of working time per week saved with the help of a personal assistant - half a day per month more time to work and earn money.

You are more productive and relaxed

  • Quick access to your personal calendar
  • Quick access the to-do lists from your notebooks
  • Quick access to your inbox
  • Quick access to your Twitter account tweets
  • Quick access to project tasks
  • Quick access to bugs and issues
  • Quick access to server and network monitoring
  • Quick access to website monitoring
  • Quick access to help desk tickets
  • Alert for new emails from the manager
  • Alert for new emails from the team
  • Alert for new project tasks
  • Alert for new discussion forum contributions
  • Alert for new bugs and issues
  • Alert for technical failures
  • Alert for new help desk tickets

Enjoy life!

Of course, you can use the time you have saved thanks to your assistant’s support to work through more items on your to-do list, but I want to return to the subject of work–life balance and suggest a few alternatives for you:

Don’t miss out on your personal desktop assistant!

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